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When I started seeing Dr. Teresa Paine, I felt like I was completely broken.   I was suffering from continuous negative obsessive thoughts and a debilitating level of anxiety.   I couldn’t eat, I couldn’t sleep, and I couldn’t participate in life!   I didn’t recognize the person looking back at me from the mirror.  I was on the verge of losing my job, which I love.   My relationship with my children was suffering.   My marriage was falling apart.  I was no longer able to be the mother my children had grown accustomed to or the wife I had always been.   I didn’t know what to do with myself and no one else knew how to handle me either.

 I tried “traditional” psychiatric help.  The first doctor told me she couldn’t help me, that I needed a medical doctor due to imbalances.  The second doctor, after looking at me and talking to me for a few minutes, told me I was suffering from a variety of disorders, everything from depression to severe anxiety, to delusions and bipolar disorder.   He told me the only option to get any better was medication, which he prescribed four to start with!  My body didn’t handle the medications well at all.  I was having heart palpations, tachycardia, diarrhea, etc. And I was not getting any better mentally either.  I am surprised I didn’t end up hospitalized or worse.

 In desperation, my husband started looking for alternatives.   He reached out to Dr. Paine.   Her approach was different.  I felt welcome, and “heard. “   From the very first session, I knew I was in the right place.  I knew Dr. Paine would be the person to help me!  Her combination of counseling, nutritional recommendations, and biofeedback, was exactly what I needed.   I looked forward to my biofeedback days.   It was like I could actually feel myself healing.   I felt so relaxed and calm.   Today, all of the negative thoughts are gone, as well as the anxiety!   I managed to keep my job.   My relationships with my sons are strong again. My marriage is the best it has ever been.   I feel healthier than I have in years!  Thank you Dr. Teresa Paine!  You saved my life!

    -Tonya .S.


My wife and I saw Dr. Teresa Paine for marriage counseling.   She helped us learn many things about ourselves, both individually and as a couple.   In our sessions with her, we learned many new techniques to help us communicate with each other better and more efficiently.   Our relationship is now stringer than it has ever been.   After almost twenty years together, it feels like we have just started dating all over again. Thank you Dr. Paine!

    -Kevin .S.

I was recently treated by Dr. Paine for  sleep disorder and the results were remarkable. She recommended Neurofeedback and after just a couple of sessions my sleep began to get better and by the time of the last session I was getting more sleep than I had in over 30 years. My treatments are over now and I am still sleeping very well.  Dr. Paine also recommended some natural supplements to take and I have and continue to take them with good results. You might say I got two for one because not only did my sleep improve but my mood and outlook did as well. She also gave me some very good advice on some lifestyle changes I needed to make in my eating habits. Dr. Paine has a nice personality and is very easy to talk to.  I would highly recommend her for any problems that someone would have that she treats. Thanks again Dr. Paine for improving my quality of life.
 -James .H.  Emoji


My daughter was diagnosed with svere Attention Deficit with Hyperactivity Disorder when she was in kindergarten.  My husband and I struggled because we knew she an intelligent child with a lot of potential and we did not want this to get in her wat.  We started by putting her in private schools with small classrooms and tutoring but she continued to struggle in school and remained behind her peers.  We tried using stimulant medication but she exerienced terrible side affects and appeared depressed.  We would consistently hear she was not focused or she would not get frustrated.  Her tutor described that she thought sometimes her brain was half asleep.  We were constantly fighting to help her get the education she needs.

My daughters tutor shared a success story with another one of her students who did neurofeedback therapy and recommended we look into it.  I did my research on neurofeedback therapy and felt like it made perfect sense to help train my daughter to learn how to focus since it was not coming to her naturally.  I truly felt like it would be better for her in the long run to learn how to manage the challenges of her condition vs. masking them with medication.  The closest providers for neurofeedback therapy were at minimum two hours away from our home.  When we found Dr. Paine we found her very easy to work with and flexible to our schedule, she was able to see our daughter and started 2 sessions at a time but gradually moved to once a month.  Our daughter's teachers and tutor began seeing results right away.  We placed her in the public school setting the year after we started neurofeedback therapy and she has for the first time experienced great success in school.  I continue to take her for neurofeedback training once a month to reinforce the training.  Now she is not making straight A's however her teachers describes her as a hard worker and focused.  They actually use the word focused to describe my ADHD child...  We have also been able to move away for the expense of using tutors since she is able to focus and complete her homework on her own now. 

Once I felt that we had success with neurofeedback I started to evaluate the use of vitamins and amino acids to help her further manage some of her symptoms.  I truly feel the vitamin and amino acid therapy have helped.  I see less frustration and the ability for her to talk through problems and issues she faces.  To say the least we are very pleased with the progress our daughter has made in the last 2 years and we are very optimistic about her future and her ability to learn.  She is in her scond year in middle school and performing at an average level, for the first time I feel like she is truly college bound! 

   -Donna .R. 

My mother was schizophrenic and my father was a sadistic pedophile. He started sexually abusing me at age three. For 16 years he mentally, physically and sexually abused me. My mother was also abusive. I have suffered from PTSD for most of my life even though it took me years to enter therapy and be diagnosed. After years of therapy including EMDR and EFT, which helped, I started neurofeedback with Dr. Teresa Paine. I have never in my long life felt so calm and comfortable with myself. I can hold a conversation with another person without feeling panic and the need to run off after a minute or two. For me that’s amazing. I am participating in activities I love, including taking a class—something I didn’t think I would ever do. I feel closer to members of my family and I am developing friendships. I recommend Dr. Teresa Paine and her therapies including neurofeedback, EMDRA and EFT. I recently was invited to a dinner party. I stayed calm and comfortable the entire evening. I was amazed that I had no feelings of panic and didn't want to run away after five minutes. I would have never believed that this evening was possible a year ago. Before neurofeedback, I lived in a fog of fear and anxiety. Now, I feel comfortable in my own skin and being myself. I had heard about the positive influence of neurofeedback, but this is the first time I could relate to its effectiveness. I wanted to stay and never leave the house before therapy, much less attend a dinner party; now I am looking forward to my next social engagement.

- Rebecca. H.


When I began Neurofeedback, I was skeptical, I was experiencing major issues dealing with a traumatic incident, and my nervous system was in overdrive.   I could barely eat or drink, and assumed my only course of action was to explore some type of anti-anxiety medication, which I knew that there would be side effects from.   I decided to give Neurofeedback a try.   For the first few sessions, I didn’t feel much one way or the other, but quickly I noticed a change in my temperament and feelings of anxiousness, which have only improved with time.   I have no idea exactly how it worked, but it did.

   -Andrew .S.



I was a patient of Dr. Teresa Paine and I would like to share my experiences with Neurofeedback.   My son is a recent high school graduate, but when he was in school he had so much trouble concentrating to the point I wasn’t sure he would finish school.  He did Neurofeedback with Dr. Paine and it really helped him to do better in school and graduate.

 In January 2011 I was having trouble with anxiety and panic disorders.  I talked with Dr. Paine and explained I had to go on medication.  I didn’t want to take pills for it every day, so we decided to try Neurofeedback. 

After the first session I felt so much calmer I decided to not take my medication and see what would happen.   I am now finished my course of Neurofeedback and I haven’t had to take anymore medication. It has really helped.  No more panic attacks at all.  Should I ever have a problem in the future I can always go in for a session or two to get me back on track.

Dr. Paine has such a positive attitude toward her patients and I am grateful my family has had two wonderful experiences with her and with the Neurofeedback.   Life is often so stressful and sometimes we just need a little help.   For me and my son, Neurofeedback was exactly what we needed.

   -Janet .C.



Neurofeedback is a wonderful non-medication approach to numerous disorders as well as some physical pain.   I started Neurofeedback to help with the pain caused from Migraine headaches.   I did two Neurofeedbacks a week and quickly started to see my Migraines go from four headaches a week, to one, then none.   It was amazing to be able to watch television, play on the computer, and read without wondering if it would trigger a Migraine.

   -Krystal .T.

I am the mother of a 9 -year old girl and a 7- year old boy.   In 2008 I consulted Dr. Teresa Paine because my daughter was having problems with anxiety and insomnia.  Dr. Paine incorporated Neurofeedback, Amino Acid Therapy and some herbal techniques to help my daughter.

At a very young age my daughter, Julie, began to show symptoms of extreme agitation, anxiety and fear.  She was having interrupted sleep at night and when she did sleep, it was a very fitful sleep.   At that point she was afraid to sleep by herself so she slept with my husband and me.   Whenever I would get up in the middle of the night she would always wake up frightened and startled and would follow me into the bathroom.  She also had a big problem with teeth grinding and racing thoughts at bedtime.  She described it as cartoon images playing in her head so that she couldn’t sleep.  This was combined with separation anxiety in the daytime.  She did not want to be away from me for any reason during the day.  When we tried to move her into her own bed she could not sleep at all.

After a thorough evaluation, Dr. Paine began Neurofeedback in the summer of 2008, right when Julie turned 5.  We came in and did Neurofeedback sessions twice or sometimes three times a week.  When we got to about the 10th session, I began noticing results.  When she slept, it was a much more restful sleep.  There wasn’t the tossing and turning or the grinding teeth –and she was actually able to stay asleep all night.  She told me that her mind was no longer wandering when it came time to go to bed.  We did a total of 30 sessions.  By the fall she was able to sleep soundly and felt very secure in her own bed.  She wasn’t anxious or fearful during the day.  All of her symptoms were gone.

A few years later our family was experiencing some very stressful circumstances that were affecting all of us, but Julie seemed to be the most severely impacted.  The nervous anxiety began to come back.  She reported periods of being at school where overwhelming fear would overtake her.  She had started having panic attacks.  At 8 years old her anxiety and sleep problems were back full force. 

We consulted Dr. Paine again.  We returned to more sessions of Neurofeedback.   She also suggested that we incorporate Amino Acid Therapy for Julie.  I had personally benefitted from this treatment myself and thought it could also be helpful for Julie.  Dr. Paine advised me to give Julie L-Tryptophan, Magnesium, and the big one-GABA.  This was the primary Amino Acid that Julie used and it worked great for her.  It helped that these Amino Acids came in the form of Lozenges and chewables-she simply can’t swallow a pill.  In conjunction with the Amino Acid Therapy and the Neurofeedback, Dr. Paine also recommended we give Julie a calming herbal tea at bedtime.

When it comes to bedtime, Julie takes 2 GABA lozenges and a cup of herbal tea every night.  It works beautifully.  Julie also did some refresher sessions of Neurofeedback and that seemed to get her on track with her anxiety and panic attacks.  Since she completed the latest round of Neurofeedback she has not had any bouts of anxiety or panic at school or at home.


All of these approaches have helped us so much, but I think that my daughter’s progress is also attributable to the power of prayer.  Mentally, physically and spiritually my daughter has come a long way.  Dr. Paine and I have incorporated all three of these healing aspects into her treatment and I have seen tremendous results.  My daughter is happy again.  She is making straight A’s at school and the teacher tells me what a great student she is and what a pleasure she is to have in class.  There is no more fear.  A level of contentment has overtaken her, really.  The whole picture has been one of huge benefits for her-and because she is happy, it’s made a big difference for our entire family. 

  -Gina .H.


Our child was diagnosed as Attention Deficit With Hyperactivity Disorder when she was in the first grade.  She was placed on medication, but continued to struggle in school with maintaining her focus.  In the next two years, we noticed improvement with her focus, but still felt she was not progressing as she should and she would still have sporadic episodes of poor focusing.  During her third grade year, we noticed that not only was she continuing to have problems with focus, but now we were seeing major problems with memory.  We were spending 3-4 hours every night on homework plus reviewing everything she had in school that day because she could not remember anything taught.  It was at that point, we decided we had to find some other way than medication to help our child learn.  Our goal for her when we made the decision to have her participate in neurofeedback was to improve both her focus and her memory.  Within a few short weeks, we noticed a significant difference in both. What was even more amazing was that she changed from being a concrete thinker to managing more abstract concepts.  She also began to recognize time periods when she was not appropriately focusing and targeted strategies for resolving problems with focusing.  Perhaps what was most significant to us was when she told us that she “believed” the neurofeedback was making it easier for her to learn.  We feel very positive about how it has changed her life.  Now after 6 months she continues to improve with work  completed at school and home, thus we would highly recommend neurofeedback  to others.


I was first referred to Dr. Paine in the summer of 2005 by a former patient of hers. I was suffering with depression and anxiety. I felt very hopeless at the time and the traditional anti depressants, etc. were not working for me. Teresa was very understanding of my situation. After our initial meeting and discussions, we decided to try a series of neurofeedback treatments. Well, long story short, that has been almost eight years ago and I have not suffered with depression since. I was apprehensive at first and had fears that these treatments may not help but they obviously did. Teresa is a very understanding and compassionate human being. To anyone who is suffering from depression and/or anxiety I say give this a try. I am grateful that I did!

-John S.

            A little over a year ago, I was in the darkest place I had ever been in my life.  I have never been an overly happy person.  I’ve never been outgoing or adventurous.  I’ve always been a bit of a worrier and a slight overachiever, but overall, I’ve lived the life of a happy introvert.  I could be content within myself.  I didn’t need a lot of social interaction or stimulation from outside sources.  Sure I have family and friends that I love, but my life has never revolved around being social.  I was just me and I was good with that.  Last year something changed.  I was working hard in college and trying to stay afloat in all other aspects of my life (marriage, family, friends, housework, etc).  I had been doing all that for years but when I look back at myself a year ago, I knew inside that something wasn’t quite right.  I knew I was being pulled down.

        I felt hopeless.  I isolated myself.  Even the most mundane daily tasks seemed insurmountable.  I would sit around for hours lost inside my head.  I was perfectly still on the outside.  A casual observer would’ve thought I was just watching TV or daydreaming.  In reality, I couldn’t move.  My body was exhausted because my mind was so busy trying to process the world.  Worry, fear, and anxiety had completely taken over.  My mind never stopped screaming.  I worried about everything.  Did I leave the stove light on?  Could that start a fire?  Did my brakes just make a noise?  Is there something wrong with my car?  Did I write down that schedule correctly?  Did I do the correct assignment?  What if I forgot my phone charger at home?  What if my laptop is still on my desk?  Those questions and tons more were ruling my life, every second of it.  I couldn’t sleep because my mind wouldn’t shut off.  I was finding it difficult to process information or learn.  I was becoming very forgetful and not just with recent happenings.  I was forgetting important life moments that I had held onto for years.  When I realized all of this was happening, it all got worse.  The more I would worry about forgetting, the more I would forget.  The cycle was tearing me down physically, emotionally, and mentally.

            I can’t pinpoint an exact event that drove me to that point.  I can’t say exactly when I felt myself slipping away.  All I know is that I felt it and I was scared.  I wanted to get help but couldn’t find the time.  I thought to myself “I’m in this position partially because of not having enough time to get things done.  If I go to therapy, I’ll be using up even more time.”  I used that logic to talk myself out of getting help for months.  After a while, I woke up and I felt like I was in a black hole.  The world seemed to be crushing me.  I didn’t want to do anything but sleep or cry.  I felt defective.  What horrible something is wrong with me that is keeping me from being able to live my life?  I was no longer interested in school.  I had lost all motivation to attend classes, which was really strange for me because I had always been very driven especially with regards to academics. I had lost the will to do my favorite activities. Even the things I loved doing the most seemed like too much work to bother with doing. I stopped doing everything.  When I saw those things slipping away, those ever so important pieces of myself, I knew I couldn’t put it off any longer.  I knew I had to get help or I’d lose myself completely. 

            I looked around for therapists in the area.  I got as much information as I could.  I’m nervous by nature and not particularly adept with social situations so I wanted to find someone I felt I could be comfortable with and a place where I could be at ease.  Dr. Paine’s name came up in my search and I saw her website that included a picture and a good description of her credentials as well as the treatment options she offered.  I was nervous about taking a step towards getting myself back together but Dr. Paine and Krystal were great.  After my first appointment, I felt so relieved.  I know that sounds crazy, but just having someone tell me that I wasn’t broken beyond repair and that I could feel like myself again made me feel like a 1,000 pounds had been lifted from my shoulders.  My first methods of treatment were to talk with Dr. Paine and amino acid therapy.  I could tell a difference very quickly.  Dr. Paine would listen to what I was going through and feeling.  She would help me see all my options and suggest books that I could read that might make my situation seem clearer.

            I have read several books that she suggested and I feel much more self-aware because of them.  Reading really helped give me insight into my behaviors and how others perceive me and react to me.  That has been a great tool in reclaiming my life and fixing my relationships.  The amino acids were also helpful.  They helped calm me and get myself more scheduled.  I eventually began during Neurofeedback as well.  The difference for me was almost instantaneous.  I was falling asleep more quickly than I had in years and actually staying asleep throughout the night.  My anxiety levels dropped and I started to feel balanced. 

            I have since gotten back on track with school.  I completed my final semester and obtained my degree.  I’m still sleeping amazingly.  I feel less anxiety, probably the least I’ve ever felt in my life.  I know myself better.  I can handle situations in my life better.  My relationships have gotten stronger and life overall is more manageable.  Dr. Paine has had a huge impact on my life.  She led me out of the darkness and I will be forever grateful for that.  She made me comfortable by showing a sense of compassion.  She’s an amazing therapist and I highly recommend her to anyone that might be living in his or her own darkness or may just need someone to listen.

-Shelia N.


To schedule an appointment or for more information, contact Dr. Teresa Paine at Phone: (304) 324-0999 E-Mail:
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