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Dr. Teresa Paine 

Dr. Paine is certified in Neurofeedback by the BioFeedback Certification International Alliance

What is Neurofeedback? 

Neurofeedback is a type of biofeedback that uses real-time displays of brainwave activity through Electroencephalography or EEG in order to help the brain regulate itself. It's as if the brain is given a mirror to see aspects of its own functioning that it normally doesn't have access to. 

The information is provided through computer images and sounds. This allows the brain to achieve more effective functioning and achieve symptom relief. 

How does Neurofeedback work?

Once or twice a week the client sits in a comfortable chair with 3 to 5 small EEG sensors placed on the scalp to measure brainwave activity. This information is given back to the clients in a 30-minute session through auditory and visual feedback from a computer. 

Symptoms are used to determine the best training protocol. As the brain achieves better self-regulation, a higher-level of intellectual, psychological and emotional functioning can be achieved along with potential relief of symptoms. 

What is Neurofeedback used for? 

Neurofeedback is helpful with many psychological problems for adults and children. Neurofeedback can help children with ADHD, behavioral problems and many other childhood difficulties. Symptoms of anxiety, depressions and panic disorder often improve. It is also beneficial for trauma and substance abuse issues. 

Clients often find that migraines and other headaches improve. Sleep problems also improve. Symptoms from a head injury are often alleviated as well. 

Peak Performance

Peak performance training is another benefit for Neurofeedback training. Concentration, focus, emotional control and an ability to remain calm under pressure can all improve with Neurofeedback. This can allow optimal performance in work, athletic endeavors, and performance in the creative arts such as writing and musical performance. 

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